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tips are very significant to us. >> reporter: investigators are looking for a motive. people who heard something said they heard a car alarm going off in the complex and shortly thereafter the gunfire started. was it a burglary? was it a robbery? they are not sure it was gang related. they are kind of ruling that out. this is the situation and seventh homicide this year all previous five have been solved by the public's help. reporting live, i am ken bastida. back to you. the woman who murdered a bay area student learned her sentence today, but not before learning the true consequences of her kyle. cbs 5's ann notarangelo talks about the sentencing. >> reporter: she showed no emotion as the judge sent her to prison. the judge, think, called her a cold-blooded killer. >> maybe she will never feel
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remorse. i can't say that, but if she did, it will show she is sha -- somewhat of a human being. >> i junction everyone to know how beautiful and -- just want everyone to know how beautiful michelle was. >> chekist appeared during a break in her -- her body was found months later in a wooded area. it is not clear how she died. esteban said it was voluntary manslaughter because she acted in passion. esteban believes her former classmate was involved with her exboyfriend and the father of her oldest child. >> she only revealed her own ugliness and revealed michelle's beauty. >> the judge sentenced the 28-
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year-old mother of two to 25 years to life. >> it is not right but it is the most they can do. we're just glad she got justice. >> the judge says the killer showed no remorse. >> we always felt sitting in trial she felt no remorse. she stare evidence directly at our family with a blank stare. it was good that he pointed that out. >> reporter: the judge told esteban if she ever want today get out of prison on parol, she better show signs of remorse. ann notarangelo, cbs 5. police are looking for whoever planted a pipe bomb outside pleasant hill elementary school and lit the fuse. the school was locked down while the bomb squad destroyed
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it. no one was hurt. no word on whether there is a connection to a pair of pipe bombings in pleasant hill this weekend. police say they caught two teens outside a high school on saturday. the pair is also accused of blog up a mailbox -- blowing up a mailbox. two men cheated death when their truck burst into flames. the vehicle somehowing that -- somehow snag the wire. as the driver and passenger scramble to exskip the fire, they made a split-second decision that saved their lives. >> they jumped out and cleared the vehicle. they didn't have contact with the ground and the vehicle which would prevent them from being electrocuted. >> no one was hurt. no buildings were damaged. the driver told us he stops there twice a week and never noticed the power line. he thinks the pole may have
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been broken already causing the wires to snag. a man is dead and a woman in the hospital after they were found bind gagged in the middle of the street about 8:30 last night. neighbors say the couple appeared to have been shot else where and then dumped on the quiet residential street. so far no arrest. a community radio station is off the aired to after its transmitter was vandalized this it is the third time this year it has been targeted. a previous incident appeared to be racially motivated. the owner says he may not be able to replace the expensive equipment. still waiting word tonight outcome of talks between crab fishermen and wholesalers. they want the $3 per pound price that was agreed to earlier if the season. wholesalers say demand is lower and they want to drop the
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price. local seniors are taking a stand and making their voices heard in the fiscal cliff crisis. >> make it swift. don't throw seniors off the cliff. >> a group of workers and community leaders rallied outside the representative's office in san jose this morning. they say money should come from raising taxes on bank and corporations, not from cutting social programs. seniors held similar rallies today in 14 other california cities. the president and house republicans have three weeks to compromise on tax hikes and spending cuts. ed to president obama hit the road to rally support from his plan. cbs reporter danielle nottingham has the latest from washington. >> president obama's public campaign to steer clear of the fiscal cliff took him to a diesel engine planted detroit. >> if congress doesn't act soon, meaning in the next few
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weeks, starting on january first, everybody's going to see their income taxes go up. >> private face to face talks were revised this weekend when house speaker boehner went over to the white house. neither side is releasing details about the conversation, but taxes are still the big sticking point. >> i'm not going to have a situation where the wealthiest among us, including folks like me get to keep all our tax break. >> while republicans have adamantly opposed raising taxes, now some are considering it if democrats agree to social security and medicare changes. republicans were disappointed with the proposed spending cuts in the president's first offer which do not include changes to entitlement programs. >> we have got to do something about the spending. an obsession to raise taxes is not going to solve the problem. >> advocates for seniors want social security and medicare out of the fiscal cliff debate. >> don't talk about them as if they are give aways.
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these are programs that people have paid for over their entire working lives and have earned these programs. >> if lawmakers and the president don't find a compromise, taxes for all americans will go up and across the board spending cuts will kick in on january first. in washington, danielle nottingham, cbs 5. cell phones on the streets. the plan the give california's homeless their own phone and the reason supporters claim the program will help create jobs. plus. >> we're so sorry this has happened. >> . it was a radio prank with a tragic end. the radio djs apologize. it is a different kind of plan, one for your bank account. the step to take for a financial diet and how much money you could actual slave.
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,,,,,, cell phones for low income californians. we have food stamps and housing assistance and soon
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free cell phones for low income people. >> the new program, who qualifies and why some see it as a way up. grace. >> reporter: allen, this is already available in 36 other states. homeless advocates are calling this a game changer. they say that not only will this help employers or housing agencies get in touch with the homeless, but in the best case scenario it can even set some of them on a path of independence. who is paying the tab? we found out most likely, you are. about a third of americans don't have a land line to use their cell phones exclusively. >> how important is your cell phone to you? >> i feel as though i can't live without it. >> it is a necessity for most, but some can't even afford them. for the homeless, it means missing calls for a job or housing. john gallagher knows. he's living it. >> they think there is something wrong with you the
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saint you say i don't have a cell phone. >> he is look for a new program that was just approved by the california public utilities commission. it is a federal program called lifeline run by the cell company assurance. it would give a free cell phone to the homeless and those with a very low income. to call if i you have to make less than 24,700 a year in a one to two person house hold or be enrolled in programs like medicaid, federal public housing or the national school lunch program. >> going to be able to send text to people and say following your application you have a shelter bed here or you need to go to a resource center because we don't have a bit. or, please come in. your ab location has come up for housing. i think it will really change things tremendously. >> but, who pays for the free phones? phone customers pay an average of $10 a year to operate it. it is mandated by the federal government. >> if you found out you had to pay a little bit of money in order for them to get free cell
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phones, are you okay with that? >> yeah. if we don't want to happened them out things -- if don't want and that them out things, that would work. >> reporter: it makes sure they have access to land lines. obviously that has changed with the times. allen. >> grace, before people jump to a conclusion we're not talking about an iphone or smart phone, right? >> reporter: not at all. we are actually just talking about a basic phone i. might have internet but not the fancy apps that you see. it will probably make a huge difference for a lot of these folks. >> grace lee, thanks. getting a healthier bank account by going on a financial diet. we put a bay area financial adviser to the challenge to find out what steps you should take and the it works. it could be the ingredient to solve the nation's childhood
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obesity problem. the one item to cut out to keep kids healthy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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singer and mexican-americanv star jenni rivera over the weekend after her plane crad in mexico. local latino music fans are mourning the death of one of their favorites. jenni rivera died after her plane crashed in mexico. lynn ramirez in san jose with reaction from some of rivera's
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fans. len. >> reporter: that's right, allen. a hot of people are in a state of shock. something they didn't expect since jenni's career really seemed to be taking off. for many she symbolized being able to overcome life's obstacles. >> powering through her recent heart break and triumph. , it seems her life and career were reaching a high point. for her many fans on both sides of the mexican american board it made news of her plane crash and sudden death all the more difficult to take. >> really very sad. i don't think nobody can believe what happened. so, so sad. >> rivera was a rarity in the recording industry. a rising star who was also a middle aged mother of five and grandmother. she was a working single mom who hit it big incrossed over. born in southern california to
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mexican immigrant parents, she spoke english and spain and was successful in music and reality tv. >> the fans are mourning. people are hurt. >> san jose singer and radio personality says rivera wasn't shy about letting the world know about her problems and failed marriages. >> her music portrayed that women can do it, too. kind of like a feminist thing. if i did it, you can do it. if you have kids, if you're in a tough relationship, you can still make it. >> to the many working moms in the mexican american community she was a favorite and a role model. >> a very good mother. she's an example for me because i'm a single mother, too. she tried very hard to help her kids. >> sad day for you? >> very sad. very sad. >> a lot of fans just can't believe the news is true. in fact, it was thought that it might be a hoax early on because initial reports did not
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find her remains at the scene. but this afternoon u.s. ntsb officials did confirm her remains were found. jenni rivera dead at 43. len ramirez, cbs 5. an motional apology from the australian djs who pulled a prank on the hospital treating the pregnant duchess of cam bridge. ed to they say they are devastated by the apparent asked of the nurse who took their call. mel grieg and michael christian gain private information about kate's condition when they called the hospital last week pretending to be prince charles and queen elizabeth. three days later the nurse who put the call through was found dead. >> i can't panel what her family must have been going through. the thought that we may have played a part in that.
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>> the djs have been suspended and their show has been canceled. a financial prescription for a stronger healthier bank account. cbs 5's julie watts on the new kind of diet intended to break bad spending habits. >> so, this was my own spread sheet. >> she may be more organized than most, but she is just like everyone else when it comes to spending. >> $4 on coffee. my mobile phone bill, cable, internet, i went out for lunch, some groceries, got my hair cut and i bought hair care product. >> items the financial adviser admits may not all be necessary. >> money is very tight right now. >> so, this week she and her family are conducting an experiment in frugality. they are not spending any money at all for seven days, a financial cleanse that she hopes will pay off. >> i get to have my leftover purchased salad from yesterday. >> her brother-in-law who recently moved in after losing
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his job is also taking part. >> i think it is a good opportunity. >> i'll either have coffee here or at the office. >> to prepare, the family stock the kitchen and paid their bills in advance. they also purchased their hannakah gifts early and limited themselves to one gift a piece. amanda hopes it will change her family's spending habits and values for good. >> perhaps there are some things that we're spending on that make no difference to us whatsoever. >> we will be following her in about a week to find out how they did and how you can do your own financial cleanse. remember, if you get a consumer story idea, give us a call. >> i guess you're prepared for a week you can pull that off.
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>> spend the money in advance. >> then shut it town. >> exactly. it's almost like tracking everything you eat. track everything you spend. >> thanks, youly. a record day at fed ex. workers are expected to handle 19 million packages. that's about 200 packages every second. it is making today the biggest shipping day of the year for fed ex. a rise in online sales may be behind the shipping frenzy. the company hired 20,000 extra workers for the holiday season. you can find all the holiday shipping deadlines on our website. cbsf doing click on links and numbers. brian hackney. you picked a great couple days to fill in and take the credit. >> well, we just wanted to make it easy when i was there. except for something kind of odd and fairly mysterious that we will show you. first we will show you around the bay area.
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still warm. still 59 degrees at concord. san francisco at the airport hit 61 degrees today. as we gaze toward mount diablo, they say on a clear day, you can see 240 away from the top of that peak. we did have a clear day today. not going to stay that way for long. we have more fog coming up right in time for the morning commute. sunny early after the fog burns off. cold moves in tuesday. you did not have to see 240- miles to spy an unusual site in the skies above the mission district. early sunday morning, yes. this is footage from an iphone. >> look at that, dude. >> amazing. >> reporter: there was light from the sky. light in the sky above the mission district. sort of floating around up there. very unusual, isn't it, to have lights in the sky around
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christmas time? actually did talk to the faa. they said visually we have no idea what those were, and neither do we. will be easy to see fog in the morning. about 9:00 you will see 40s. plenty of sun, but not for long. high pressure in command of the eastern pacific is going to slightly nudge out east. we will get sunny early and then this long trough in the pacific will begin to sink south. as it does, the temperatures will fall like a set of car keys in the bay area. rain will be coming down as well. not nearly as much as the epic rain 10 days ago. but never theless, wednesday things get wet. 41 at livermore. for tomorrow, not as warm as it
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was today. ant 60 on average. it will really get cooler on wednesday. look ahead on the 5-day forecast. increasing clouds. wet for wednesday. look at next weekend. saturday, sunday looks cloudy and maybe a few showers or maybe not. we'll see. hard to tell right now, but wednesday will be wet and cold. >> the lights, maybe they are aliens. maybe not. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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doctor kim mulvill explains. how cutting salt... could ld to healthier lives. lauren eisen offers healthy options to her sons when she how cutting salt could lead to healthier lives. >> lauren eisen offers healthy options to her sons when she can. that includes keeping track of salt. >> not the main ingredient or focus. i try to season it myself so i am in control of it.
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>> new research shows how cutting back on salty foods like french fries and chips could help in the battle against childhood obesetism researchers looked at more than 4,200 children ages 2 to 16 in australia and found those who ate more salt drank more fluid, in particular sugar bench. >> that will increase their total caloric intake. >> kids who drank more than one serving per day of soda, or fruits or energy drinks were 26% more likely to be overweight or obese. experts say parents need to read labels and be good role models. >> we need to guide our children towards healthier beverage choices like water, like milk. >> we mostly have in our house water and milk. they both play soccer and they do like a sports drinks especially my oldest, but we make sure it is the low sugar
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variety. >> she is trying to create healthy habits to last a lifetime. ,,,,,,,,
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[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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the state is facing a second tumble off the fiscal cliff here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. the state is facing a second tumble off the fiscal cliff. >> this would undo a lot of the good of the extra taxes californians are willing to invest. >> if the president and congress cannot reach a compromise in time, what will
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happen. one man's eyesore is another man's art. the battle in one bay side city over abandon boats. why environmentalist say they have to go but the community is fighting to let them stay. those stories and much more tonight 6:00ful before that, the cbs evening news with scott fellly is coming up. >> remember, for the latest on weather go to

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